Character Who Wears Sunglasses

Welcome Everyone!

It’s another day of #FreeWritingChallenge and today’s post involves writing a story about a character, who wears sunglasses all the time.

Here’s what I came up with for today’s story.

Hope you enjoy it!


Damian sat on the outside patio of the coffeeshop, savory the caramel espresso. The sun shined brightly as patrons mingled about the busy shopping center. Damian adjusted his sunglasses as he watched the crowd.

He was thankful it was a warm day, that way nobody would question why he wore sunglasses. He wore the designer glasses all the time, even on cloudy days. It was part of his job.

The sunglasses were unlike any others; these provided him with the resources to complete his assignments.

Looking up from the Styrofoam cup, he once again watched the crowd, waiting for it to appear. He knew it was here, he could feel it in his gut.

Blue orbs appeared over the heads of the shoppers, indicating they were good people. He kept an eye out for the indicator that would signal his target.

It was near he could feel it.

He kept waiting and watching, yet blue orbs are all that appeared.

Damian was becoming exasperated.

Did his gut instinct fail him?

For the first time in ten years, was his ability wrong?

As Damian began questioning himself, the hairs stood up on his arms. It was then followed by a strong feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“He’s here,” Damian whispered.

Scanning the crowd, Damian looked for his target. The crowded sidewalks made it impossible for Damian to concentrate. He pushed the sunglasses higher, hoping it’d help in the search. Damian’s head moved slowly from the right to the left. That’s when he spotted it.

A glowing red orb hovered above the man’s head.  The man looked polished and reserved in a blue suit, his hair was slicked back. The stranger looked like any man you’d see on the streets. Yet, beneath the surface, was a vile being.

Damian knew the man’s real identity, that’s why he had to put a stop to him before it was too late.

Arising from the chair, Damian maneuvered through the crowd. He kept his eyes straight ahead, focusing on the man. It was difficult to keep track in the crowd of shoppers. Everywhere he turned, Damian bumped into someone. He mumbled an apology before moving on.

Damian watched as the man turned down a secluded alley. He followed the man, yet was met with an empty alley.

“Damn it.” Damian shook his head.

“Don’t you know it’s not nice to cuss,” the male voice spoke.

Damian turned to face the man, whose appearance had changed dramatically. The man still wore his suit, yet horns poked out of his head. When the man opened his mouth, pointy teeth emerged.

“I knew it was a matter of time before you found me.”

“I always get my man.” Damian remained calm in the face of danger. “Or should I say, demon.”

“You hunters are never going to learn,” the man teased. “No matter how many of us you kill, more will just pop up.”

“Good,” Damian replied in a brisk tone. “Nothing pleases me more than ridding the world of evil.” Damian held his hand to his side.

The man watched Damian’s movements. As Damian’s hand neared his pocket, the man rushed at Damian.

The wind was knocked out of Damian as he hit the ground. This was all part of the job. The demons put up a good fight, but in the end, Damian always won.

As Damian tried to get up, a kick hit his stomach followed by several more.

“Just stay down,” the man yelled. This time he punched Damian’s face, causing blood to trickle down the hunter’s face. “You’re no match for me.” The man threw another punch, which caused Damian’s sunglasses to fall from his eyes.

Damian’s dark eyes adjusted to the blinding sun, he reached for the glasses, but the man grabbed them.

“So this is what you use to find us?” The man grinned. “Well, let’s see how well you do without your glasses.”

The man broke off a part of the earpiece, he was about to destroy it again when a piercing throb hit his leg. He looked down to find Damian’s dagger in his leg.

Damian pulled the dagger out as the man dropped the sunglasses. The man stumbled backwards before collapsing near the dumpster.

“I told you I always get my demon.” With a final shove, Damian stabbed the man in the chest.

The man let out a gasp as a white light circled him.

Damian shielded his eyes as the light grew brighter. A whooshing sound emanated from the light indicating it was taking the man’s soul.

After a few minutes, Damian opened his eyes to find the light gone. He knelt beside the man to check the pulse. There was none.

Damian sighed, then picked up his broken glasses. He put the back on, yet one part was lopsided.

A buzz broke the silence. Damian pulled out the phone, hitting the icon, he answered.

“Yeah, the job’s done.” He nodded as he listened to the other voice. “I’m also going to need another pair of sunglasses.” He wiped the blood from his mouth. “See you soon.”

Damian hung up, then walked towards the body. With the snap of his fingers, he and the man’s body disappeared from the alley.






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