Fictional Place I Want To Visit


If I could visit one fictional place for a day, where would I go and why?

Let’s see there’s so many fictional places that sound like they’d be perfect to visit.

Now, the tough question is, which place do I visit?

I sorted through all the fictional book and television towns, then after extensive thinking, I came to the conclusion.

I’d visit The Land of Oz.

When I was a kid, I loved The Wizard of Oz. I thought it was a beautiful, magical place with the yellow brick road and the flowers.

Aside from the scenery, I thought it’d be fun to meet the munchkins and Glenda. But the ones I’d really want to hang with are Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. Maybe I can be like Dorothy and the three of us can go on our own adventure.

Let’s just hope we don’t run into the Wicked Witch or her flying monkeys.



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