Bad Luck Christmas

Welcome Everyone!

Today is day 6 of the #12DaysofChristmas challenge, which means another holiday story. The inspiration for this story comes from the line, “six geese a laying.”


“How can you hate Christmas?” Dana looked at Glen like he was crazy.

“I don’t hate Christmas.” Glen helped Dana string popcorn. “I said I have terrible luck with the holiday.”

In the short time Dana had known Glen; he’d made it clear Christmas was a bad time for him.

“You’re over exaggerating.”

“I am not.” Glen shook his index finger when he accidentally poked it with the needle. “Every year something goes wrong.”

“Like what?” Dana was curious to hear about his so-called misfortune.

“When I was eight, I was stuck in the hospital with tonsillitis.”

“Okay, that sucks.” Dana snuck a few pieces of popcorn from the bowl. “But people can get sick around the holidays.”

“Then there was the time I was in college and got stranded at the airport due to a snowstorm.”

“Again, it’s a common occurrence.”

“Then three years ago, my buddies planned a trip to a ski lodge.” Glen pulled a box of band-aids from the drawer. “My car broke down halfway through the trip. I ended up spending the night at a rundown hotel with stains all over the place. Then the auto shop couldn’t fix my car until Sunday and by that time I missed the trip.”

Dana felt sympathy for Glen upon hearing his bad luck. “Okay, so you’ve had some disasters. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again.”

Glen eye-rolled her comment.

“Christmas is a magical time. Who knows maybe this year your luck will turn around?”

“I doubt it.” Glen dropped the bandage as he tried to wrap it on his finger.


“There.” Dana hung the last popcorn string on the tree. “Tell me that doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit.”

A smile curled Glen’s lips. He had to admit, Dana did a good job with the tree. It made him forget about the bad luck that used to plague him.

“Maybe this is the year good luck comes my way.” Glen would love that more than anything.

The doorbell rang interrupting their decorating. Glen glanced at the clock, which said it was six o’clock. He wondered who it could be. He wasn’t expecting company.

Looking through the peephole, he saw a delivery man in a brown uniform standing on the porch.

“May I help you?” Glen answered the door.

“Are you Mr. Anderson?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ve got a delivery for you. Sign here, please.” The man handed Glen the clipboard.

Glen signed his name, then watched as the man walked towards the truck.

“What is it?” Dana came up behind Glen.

“I got a package.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know.” Glen shrugged. “I didn’t order anything. I wasn’t expecting anything either.”

“Maybe you have a Secret Santa,” Dana teased.

“Did you do this?”

“No, besides I’ve got your gift at my apartment.”

“Here, you go.” The delivery man returned with a leather leash. He handed it to Glen before saying his goodbye.

Glen looked at the end of the leash to see six geese bundled together. “What the…” He gave the leash to Dana, then took off after the truck, yet the driver pulled out before Glen could catch him.


Dana broke off pieces of bread to feed to the geese. She was keeping them entertained, while Glen was on the phone with the delivery company.

“Yes, there’s been a mistake.” Glen peeked into the living room to see Dana playing with the geese. He whispered for her not to get attached to them.

The operator came back on the line. “Ma’am, my name is Glen Anderson. I received six geese by mistake.”

Glen listened to the lady. “Yes, my address is 408 Greenwood Drive. But the person’s name on the form is Ben Anderson.”

The operator put Glen on hold again, when she returned she apologized to Glen for the mistake. The geese were intended for Ben Anderson, who lived on Greenwall Drive. She told Glen they’d send a driver out first thing in the morning to pick up the geese.

“I can’t wait that long. They need to be out by tonight.”

“I’m sorry, sir. But all our deliveries have stopped for the night.”

“What am I supposed to do with six geese?”

“Make sure they have a nice, comfortable place to sleep. Give them plenty of water and make sure they’re fed properly.”

“Anything else I should know?”

“That’s all you need to know. It’ll only be for a few hours, then they’ll be gone in the morning.”

Glen thanked the operator for her help before hanging up.

“Are the geese staying?” Dana entered the kitchen. “If so, I’d be happy to spend the night to help out.”

“I could use your help.” Glen let out an exasperated breath. “Bad luck strikes again.”

“Oh, would you stop.” Dana threw her hands in the air. “You’re not the first person to have bad luck and you won’t be the last.” Dana pulled a plastic bowl from the cabinet. “Instead of whining about your misfortune, look for the positive in the situation.”

“What’s positive about six geese?”

“You have to admit they’re cute.” Dana filled the bowl with water.

“Yeah, they kinda are.” Glen looked into the other room to find the geese had disappeared. “They’re gone.”

“What do you mean they’re gone?”

“They’re not in the living room.” Glen began to panic.

“Relax, at least we know they’re still in the house.”

They split up to search for the geese. Scanning every corner, they looked for clues. Glen let out a giggle as Dana called, “Here, geesy.”

There was no trace of them in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. So that only left the bedroom. Walking into the master bedroom, Glen was met with the sight of six geese lying on his bed. They were huddled together in the middle of the blue comforter.

Dana came in and awed at the sight.

“Looks like I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.” Glen wanted to throw a fit like he did every Christmas, yet Dana’s advice rang in his head. Instead of focusing on the negative, he had to look for the positive. The geese would make good company for the night.

Out of all the Christmas he’s had, this one would be the most interesting.




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