2016 in Review

2017 is almost here, if you’re anything like me you’re anxiously awaiting for the New Year to come.

Like many people, I consider 2016 to be a bad year.


Most of the year was filled with stress and negativity for me. I had to deal with some family drama, which caused me to go through a whirlwind of emotions.

The stress caused me lots of anger, which resulted in me having outbursts. When I wasn’t angry, I was sad. One thing you should know about me is I tend to keep my problems to myself because I don’t want to be a burden to other people. I feel like that my issues aren’t important or that nobody will understand, so stay quiet.

Keeping my emotions to myself has caused a great deal of stress. When my emotions reach the boiling point, I bread down. There were many nights where I cried my eyes out, sometimes I even went into a depressed state and withdrew myself from the world.

For anyone I may have ignored, I apologize. It wasn’t anything you did, it was me.

Okay, I better stop talking about all this negativity because it’s bringing me down.

Despite the hardships this year, there were some positive moments in 2016. So today, I’m going to take a look back at some of the highlights.

Sensual Diversions


In February, I was included in my first anthology called Sensual Diversions. The anthology consisted of love scenes written from authors such as Samantha Jacobey, L.A. Remenicky, Nicole Garcia, L J Sexton, and Teri Riggs.

This was a big moment for me because I’ve always wanted to be included in an anthology, plus it was a way to showcase my love scenes. As some of you may know, I was shy about writing love scenes in romance books. yet I’ve gotten my shyness and learned to create scenes for romance readers to love.



This year saw a chance in my blog. I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, which is the best decision I made.

Plus, I’ve been increasing my blogging. In the past, I used to go a month without writing anything. Thanks to a couple of blogging challenges I participated in, I became more active with my blogging. I wrote about everything from my writing to my favorite fairy tale to my most embarrassing moment.

Westmore Republication


One of the big milestones this year was the republication of Westmore. The book got an overhaul with the interior and the cover.

None of this would be possible without the talented Y. Correa from All Authors Publications and Promotions. Not only did she create the new cover, but she also helped me with the editing.

I admit my grammar is not the best. Yasmin was a huge help in providing workshop lessons to improve my grammar. With my studies on grammar, I believe I made the story better.

Rescue Me: Purrfect Companions


Another anthology I was included in this year was the Rescue Me anthology, Purrfect Companions, which featured my babies Pudding and Missy.

The anthology is published by Rock and Roll Saved My Soul, a publishing house that donates all proceeds from the sale of their books to charity.

Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate


2017 will be getting off to a good start with the release of Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate. This will be the first time being featured in the All Authors anthology. To be included in this book with a group of authors I work with and admire is an amazing opportunity.

I can’t wait for everyone to read this new anthology from All Authors and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all their stories.

This is just some of the things that happened in 2016.

Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.




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