Abstract vs Realism Covers

There’s been a trending debate in the writing world when it comes to book covers. It’s the age old question of whether to use abstract or realism for the cover pictures.

There are many authors who prefer to use realism to depict the characters in the stories. While others writers choose to use object to symbolize the theme of the book.

With me, I’ve used both concepts with my books. For instance, Going Home Again uses realism to show the couple in the story. The realism cover began when the book was first published by Romance Divine, then when I decided to self-publish; I continued to use the concept. The cover’s went through many transformations throughout the years, but I’ve always used pics to represent Rachel and Cole.

Carol Front Cover JPG Amazon

As for the Westmore series, I’ve used abstract art for the covers. With each volume, there a specific theme, for instance volume 4 represents revelations. A majority of the covers include roses and jewelry such as pearls. To me, those elements represent the romance, sophistication, and drama vibe from the soap operaesque story. I did use a realism cover for one of the books, but I’m making plans to change it to abstract.


Since I’ve used different concepts for my book covers, the question is whether I prefer one over the other. I’ve loved all the covers I’ve used over the years and the concepts work well for the books. With Going Home Again, since it’s a romance the concept of realism helps readers get a glimpse at the couple. Seeing the couple in an embrace, will tug at the reader’s heartstrings and get them curious about the books.

With the Westmore series, the abstract concept works much better because instead of just focusing on the characters, it focuses on the story. There’s a lot of characters in the series, and in each volume they’re experiencing some type of drama. The symbols of the roses signify the heartache they’re going through in that particular volume.

Even though, I like both concepts, I have a slight preference to abstract. The main reason is because abstract art leaves an air of mystery to the story, instead of giving away too much about the characters and story.




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