My Dream Man

My Dream Man

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day of love and romance. Couples will be celebrating with dinners, gifts, and romantic getaways.

While others are left to sit at home, left wondering when they’ll find the love of their life.

I’m one of those people.


I tend to joke around that I have better luck writing romance for my characters than my own love life.

Often I wish I could create my own dream man. Maybe throw in a mixture Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Gosling.


As I mentioned in a post last year, I’ve been skeptical about dating. During my 32 years (I can’t believe I just revealed my age) I’ve been single. But now that I’m older, I’m ready to stick my head back into the dating pool.

But I’m not going to settle for just any man.

There’s certain characteristics I’m looking for in a guy.


Trust is a number one issue for me in a relationship.

In the past, I was a naïve person, who would believe anything people tell me.

But those days are over.

I’m not the type whose going to be easily fooled no more.

I expect a man to be honest with me just as I would with him. If he can’t be honest with me, then there’s no relationship with him.



Another important trait I look for in a man.

A real man should be accepting of a woman for who she is. He should never belittle her. He should make her feel like the most beautiful, important woman in the world.

A man should take his lady’s feelings into consideration. Ask her how her day was. Support her in her decisions and goals. Be there when she needs someone to talk to.



Shared Interests

I believe common interests are another important part of a relationship.

Sure, some couples are going to have different tastes in hobbies, but I believe they can find something they have in common.

A few of the shared interests I’d like with a man include:

  • Pet Lover
  • Sports Fanatic
  • Action and comedy movies
  • Rock Music
  • Reading


Accepting of My Family

This is the big test for a relationship.

My family is kinda, not crazy, but let’s just say we’re unique. There’s some drama at times and we’ve had our share of outrageous moments.

Word of advice to my future boyfriend, you’ve got to be able to keep up with my bunch.

Any guy who can handle meeting my family without getting the urge to run for the hills is a keeper in my book.




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