Noelle by Greg Kincaid


Title: Noelle

Author: Greg Kincaid

Genre: Fiction, Holidays, Family Life

Publisher: Convergent Books

Rating: 4 stars



From the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog Named Christmas comes this heartwarming Christmas story about the power of family and the strength and love that comes from our pets.

In this fourth installment of the poignant stories of the McCray family and their lovable canines in rural Kansas, matriarch Mary Ann McCray is determined to shake up Christmas by accepting the role as Crossing Trail’s first woman Santa Claus. Mary Ann, always a bit of a rebel, is looking to offer a more progressive voice in the staunchly conservative town at Christmastime and has a few ideas up her red velvet sleeves.


This is the first time I read one of Greg Kincaid’s books and I wasn’t familiar with the story of the McCray family. Although, after reading this book I’m interested in reading more of Kincaid’s story.

I’m an animal lover, especially with dogs so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. Even though the book’s titled Noelle and features the lovable dog, she tends to take a backseat to the other characters in the story. Mostly, the story revolves around the McCray family and their neighbors The Robinsons.

Mary Ann McCray, the beloved matriarch of the family has to deal with a lot of stuff going on during the holidays. Not only is she trying to bring a new Christmas tradition to her home town, but she also has to deal with her son Todd moving back to town and helping her good friends, The Robinsons.

As for the Robinson family, they’re dealing with their own problems. Abbey and her husband Link divorce after experiencing marital strife. As Link tries to clean up his life, he finds it’s a struggle trying to get a job and be a good father to his children.

Overall, this is a good holiday book to get you in the Christmas spirit. There are some humorous points, especially with Noelle, but the book does have some heartwarming moments as the author teaches readers an important lesson in love and family.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.”

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