2018 in Review


2018 is about to come to an end and I’ve had a chance to reflect back on everything that happened this year. Let’s just say this year was filled with heartache and a lot of challenges. While it was difficult, everything that happened made me into becoming a stronger person.

If any word described 2018 for me its strength, so let me take you on my journey for the past year.


As I stated before, there was a lot of heartache this year. The most recent tragedy was the death of our believed cat Pudding. He passed away on December 14th, and it happened so quickly. We had him for 13 years, and he came up as a stray. When we were living at our old apartment we used to bring him in at night, then let him out during the day so he could ramble around. Then he got hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated and he became a house cat.

His death hit us hard and we’re still grieving his loss. But that wouldn’t be the only tragedy we’d suffer this year.

In February, my grandmother passed away at the age of 91. Anyone who knew my grandma would tell you that she was a strong, independent, and caring person. She loved helping others and as she got older, she still loved to get outside and do her yardwork. But within the last year she had gotten weaker and by February she had gotten worse.

It’s been difficult without her here. I miss how she used to worry about the slightest thing or how she’d fuss about someone who drove her crazy.

After her passing, I had to step up to become the head of the household because my mother wasn’t in the best of health (I’ll get that to a second).

As you all know I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a fear of driving. Well, I’m happy to report that I overcame my fear. A good family friend Teresa got me behind the wheel again and helped me regain my confidence. I’ve been driving for almost 9 months now and thanks to the help of my dad, I was able to get a new car.


It was important for me to drive again because I needed to overcome my fear and another reason is because I needed to take care of my mother. For a while, she’s been dealing with some memory loss and in recent months it’d gotten worse. It was so bad that there were days she couldn’t remember grandma had passed away. We took her to the doctor and we were informed that she’s in the beginning stages of dementia.

I’m still living with my mom and I’ve taken on the role as her caregiver. It’s sad to see how the dementia has affected her. She does have vitamins and medicine she takes to help keep her dementia from getting worse. I hate to see her this way and I wish she didn’t have to go through this. The only thing I can do is take care of her the best I can.


As you can tell, this year has been rough, but it’s made me a stronger person. I’m not going to lie, I do have my moments where I break down and cry, but then I calm down and move forward.

Heading into the New Year, I know there’s going to be challenges, but I’m ready to tackle them head on.


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