Writing Goals for 2019


Hello again everyone!

It’s the beginning of the new year and like many people I’m making resolutions. Most of the resolutions revolved around my books and I’ll get to them in a second. But first, I wanted to reflect on how my writing career went in 2018.

Early in the year, I had a psychic reading from Mini Truth, Psychic. (Had to give her a shoutout). During my reading, she revealed that my life’s path is to be a writer, which is very accurate.

This year, I had lots of new writing opportunities come my way. During the summer, I was offered a job writing for Soap Opera Spy, where I write about the latest rumors surrounding Y&R and B&B. Then in September, I became a columnist for The Chairshot, a wrestling site where I discuss the latest WWE stories.

Aside from my freelance work, my career has an author continued to grow. In September, I published Westmore: Endless Devotion, the eighth volume in the series.


I also participated in the holiday anthology Twelve Tales A Telling along with authors J.C. Wing, A.K. Lawrence, Lark Griffing, Tracy Gilmore, and Randy Brown. We created a collection of stories inspired by the holiday song Twelve Days of Christmas. We each picked two days and had to write a story inspired by the gifts. I choose two turtle doves and seven swans a swimming.

Now, that I’ve reflected on 2018, it’s time to move on to my goals for 2019.

I’m hoping this year I will publish at least 2 books, maybe 3, but we’ll see how that goes.

One of the books will be Westmore volume 9 (yes, there will be more to tell with the families). As for my other book, I haven’t figured out what that’s going to be. I’ve got a lot of stories that are incomplete and I need to finish them. I just haven’t figured out which one to work on first, so I may need your help choosing one.

Well, I better head to the writing cave if I want to get a headstart on reaching my goals.

Wish me luck!


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