Interview with Irene Helenowski

Hello Everyone!

Today, author Irene Helenowski stopped by for an interview. We chat about her books, screenwriting, and what she likes to do in her downtime.


Irene, thank you so much for stopping by. To start off tell us about yourself and how your writing career began. 

Thank you for having me 🙂  I’ve also been interested in writing but really began after finishing my dissertation in biostatistics and wanted to do something completely different.


First up, let’s talk about your book series Order of Dimensions. Can you tell us about the story and the inspiration behind it? 

I was always fascinated in the multiverse theory and how we could travel between dimensions.  So then I came up with a story featuring a brilliant physics student, Jane Kremowski, who helps develop a device that allows for travel between dimensions. And of course, there is a love triangle with her, her high school sweetheart, Randy Lipinski, and the dastardly villain, Anton Zelov


I also know you have a stand-alone novel called Miles For Bonnie, could you tell us about the story?

It is about a widower and army veteran who takes a road trip from Iowa to Florida to visit his late wife’s family, and on the way meets quite a few characters, some of which become part of his new family.


Do you find it easier writing stand-alone novels or a book series?

It depends on the story and if I feel the story could go on or should remain complete.

Aside from writing books, I understand you’re trying screenwriting, can you give us an update on how that’s going?

It’s a slow process, especially when trying to find someone wanting to read the script.

When you’re not busy with work and writing, what do you like to do to relax?

I like reading, watching movies, going to museums and concerts.  Recently, I started volunteering at the Art Institute which I really enjoy.  I also like traveling, and on a most recent trip, my boyfriend took me to St. Joseph, Michigan, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Just for fun 

Favorite movie?  Sound of Music

Favorite literary character? Oliver Twist

Least favorite food? I like everything 🙂

Favorite sport? Volleyball, although lately I’ve gotten into college football.

Favorite season? Tossup between spring and summer.

To learn more about Irene’s books visit her Amazon Page:

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