It’s been 6 months since I last posted on this blog, but a lot’s going in my life so I decided to give a quick update about everything that’s happened.

Earlier this year, my grandmother passed away. It was sad for our family, but she lived a long life at 91 years-old and we have lots of cherished memories of her.

After her death, I had to step up and take care of things. My mom and I moved into my grandmother’s house three months ago. I’m still trying to unpack all our stuff, and I’ve been going through the boxes in the basement, and sorting out what needs to be kept and what needs to go. I’ve also had to take on a lot more chores now that we’re living in a house. I take care of the yard work, laundry, and take care of the pets.

It’s been a little bit stressful the past few months, but there were some good moments.

As you may be aware, I had a huge fear of driving, which kept me from getting behind the wheel. But I decided it was time to overcome my fear and I enlisted the help of our family friend Teresa. She took me out for driving lessons and within a matter of weeks, I’d gotten over my fear. I do admit sometimes I still get nervous, but now I’m a road warrior and you can’t keep me out of the car.

Aside from driving, I’m also getting back into my work routine. I’ve been working on some new stories, plus I got a new job as a writer for a soap opera site.

Well, that’s all I have to share for now. I promise I’ll do a better job of keeping the blog updated in the future. I’ve got a couple of blog posts in mind, so stay tuned for the new posts.


Reality Ever After Release Tour

Reality Ever After
Virtual Match #3
By Sharon Hughson
Release Date: Jan. 22, 2018
Keywords: Contemporary, Romance, Novella, Sweet, Virtual Dating, Series
Happily ever after collides with reality to make or break their love.

Systems architect Marcus Jordan proclaims his love for career girl Veronica Shay, but life keeps hurling obstacles into their relationship. When Ronnie’s niece is born prematurely, Ronnie rushes to be the big sister Tony needs, knowing she is to blame for his fear of failing at fatherhood.

Marcus decides to help put their daddy issues to rest, but his discovery sends Ronnie into a tailspin. Ronnie already knows trusting men risks her heart and stability. Why would she want to meet the first man who rejected her?

An even bigger secret about Ronnie’s father convinces Ronnie to give him one chance to explain, never knowing it will bring her face to face with the true source of her trust issues.  Will the revelation come too late to restore the happiness she’d found with Marcus?

Marcus pulled Ronnie against his side, and she nestled under his arm like a kitten seeking warmth. His hand squeezed her waist while his chin tapped the top of her head.

“Thanks for coming.” Her voice was hushed, as if a normal tone might wake the babies.

“Stop thanking me. I wouldn’t have let you come alone.”

An independent part of her raised its back at what sounded like overbearing words. Ronnie shoved the ire away. Marcus wanted to take care of her in the same way she wanted to take care of her brother.

Movement beyond the second nursery caught her eye. A dark-haired man stood up, his face covered by a mask and body engulfed in a yellow paper gown: her brother. He spoke with a nurse before walking out of sight.

Ronnie scanned for an exit, shuffling toward the nurse’s station visible through the nursery’s glass wall. She drew slightly away from Marcus, preparing to be strong for Tony.

Her brother was discarding the paper robe and mask when she rounded the corner. He swiveled toward her with military precision and wrapped her in his arms.

“How is Jen?” Ronnie pulled away slightly and watched his face for tells. Dark circles smudged his eyes and wrinkles drew his mouth into a firm line.

“Stable. She lost a lot of blood, but they saved her uterus.”

Ronnie had been reading about placenta previa and the related side effects during the flight. About five percent of women needed a hysterectomy to staunch the blood flow associated with the misplaced placenta. As much as Tony wanted to father a son, it would have been heartbreaking for them if this was their only child.

“The baby?”

“She’s plugged into a breathing machine and hooked to a dozen different monitors. Most of her vitals are good, but she didn’t breathe on her own at delivery.”

A girl. This tiny one didn’t know how lucky she was to have a loving, protective father watching over her. A tug in her chest distracted. Was she wishing for a father? The one who sired her had walked away, and the replacement her mother chose had done unspeakable things.

She shook her head, tucking a strand straying from her upswept hair behind her ear. That was old news. This was the future.

Ronnie squeezed her brother’s fingers. “What can I do for you?”

Tony shrugged.

“Are you ready to sleep?” Ronnie peered into the tired lines of his drawn face. The adrenaline she imagined fueling him all day had run out, but behind the hazel eyes like hers, she saw anxiety, and she’d been reading those eyes for three decades. “How about a walk?” Ronnie wasn’t sure if it would help him, but anything had to be better than sitting in a hospital room.

Marcus squeezed her waist. Ronnie glanced up at him, breath catching at the tender look in his cobalt eyes.

“I’ll book a nearby hotel.” It was the one thing he hadn’t done in advance since they might have stayed at the hospital with her brother. Marcus wouldn’t expect to share a room with her and understood she wanted to pay her own way.

Ronnie rose on her toes and nearly touched his ear with her lips. His indrawn breath made her heart vault against her chest.

“One room.”

His eyes widened. She pressed her lips to his in a perfunctory kiss then turned to thread her arm through Tony’s.

“There’s a waiting room down that hall.” Tony gestured to the opposite side of the nurse’s station.

As he navigated the maze of halls to another bank of elevators, Ronnie fell into step with her brother. On the ground floor, he led her into a walled-in garden. Their shoes thumped against the paved path around the edge. Minutes passed in silence, and she drew a deep breath of temperate air, so different than the chill moist air near her apartment.

“Greg and Angie will be down tomorrow.”

Tony grunted.

“When’s Mom going to be here?”

“Dennis wanted to drive over and stay through the holidays.”

The holidays? It was nearly three weeks until Christmas. Ronnie shook her head and drew a breath to comment.

Tony continued. “She doesn’t want to fly in case she has an episode. It embarrasses her to lose control of her limbs.” He sighed. “While Dennis relayed their plans, she never stopped blathering about this being the only grandchild she’ll ever meet.”

Ronnie hugged his arm. The firm bicep bulged beneath her fingers, reminding her of Marcus’s very un-engineer-like arms. She pushed thoughts of him away. He was a distraction, and she needed to focus on her family. Hadn’t she told him as much on Sunday?

If she could shake her mother right now, Ronnie would do it. Couldn’t she see that Tony needed encouragement? Obviously, this terminal illness was going to exacerbate her mother’s self-centered tendencies.

“How can I help?” Please don’t say handle, Mom. But, she would do it if that’s what he needed.

Tony stopped walking and faced her. A desolate look stared back at her. “I don’t know how to be a good father. How could I? I never had one.”

Ronnie’s stomach nosedived into her feet. The truth was too much of a burden for her brother, which is why she had kept her secret for so long.

“Stop.” Her voice broke. She stiffened her spine and squinted at him. “You are three times the man of anyone who ever claimed to be your father.”

His ragged breaths did nothing to cool Ronnie’s flaming cheeks. If she could go back, she wouldn’t tell him anything.


Links to other books in the series:


Since adventuring in Narnia as a trouble youth, Sharon Hughson has embraced the magical portal of reading. As a child, she wrote her first story and discovered a passion for creating new worlds. These days, with help from three cats, Sharon pens romance, young adult fantasy, women’s fiction, and nonfiction (too many story ideas for a single genre).
When summer turns to autumn, she picks up her substitute teacher satchel and ventures into the real world for new inspiration. She and her high school sweetheart (and husband) live near the Columbia River in Oregon, not too far from their adult sons. When she isn’t writing or reading, Sharon enjoys walking, hiking, crocheting, playing the piano and scrapbooking family memories.
Sharon has multiple short stories and three novellas published with Roane. She gladly credits them for launching her fiction writing career. For more information about any of her books visit sharonleehughson.com.

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Noelle by Greg Kincaid


Title: Noelle

Author: Greg Kincaid

Genre: Fiction, Holidays, Family Life

Publisher: Convergent Books

Rating: 4 stars



From the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog Named Christmas comes this heartwarming Christmas story about the power of family and the strength and love that comes from our pets.

In this fourth installment of the poignant stories of the McCray family and their lovable canines in rural Kansas, matriarch Mary Ann McCray is determined to shake up Christmas by accepting the role as Crossing Trail’s first woman Santa Claus. Mary Ann, always a bit of a rebel, is looking to offer a more progressive voice in the staunchly conservative town at Christmastime and has a few ideas up her red velvet sleeves.


This is the first time I read one of Greg Kincaid’s books and I wasn’t familiar with the story of the McCray family. Although, after reading this book I’m interested in reading more of Kincaid’s story.

I’m an animal lover, especially with dogs so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. Even though the book’s titled Noelle and features the lovable dog, she tends to take a backseat to the other characters in the story. Mostly, the story revolves around the McCray family and their neighbors The Robinsons.

Mary Ann McCray, the beloved matriarch of the family has to deal with a lot of stuff going on during the holidays. Not only is she trying to bring a new Christmas tradition to her home town, but she also has to deal with her son Todd moving back to town and helping her good friends, The Robinsons.

As for the Robinson family, they’re dealing with their own problems. Abbey and her husband Link divorce after experiencing marital strife. As Link tries to clean up his life, he finds it’s a struggle trying to get a job and be a good father to his children.

Overall, this is a good holiday book to get you in the Christmas spirit. There are some humorous points, especially with Noelle, but the book does have some heartwarming moments as the author teaches readers an important lesson in love and family.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.”

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


2017 is soon drawing to a close and we’ll be welcoming 2018 with open arms. So now comes my annual post where I discuss my year and set goals for the New Year.


First up, let’s discuss 2017.


It was a so-so year filled with some good and bad times.


One of the saddest moments came in October when my beloved Dee Dee passed away. Her death was unexpected and she was perfectly fine, but she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Dee Dee’s death hit me hard and there are times where I still miss her. But I have 13 years worth of memories with her and they’re a huge comfort whenever I think of her.


Dee Dee

Despite the sad moments, there were also some good ones as well.

Professionally, 2017 was good to me. The year started off with a bang when my short story Exiled was featured in the new All Authors anthology, Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate.


Speaking of All Authors, I did continue to work as an executive assistant for the publishing house. I also did add another title for my resume when I became a columnist for their magazine.

Unfortunately in May 2017, the publication house closed down. Even though my time with them was short, I’ll always be grateful for Y. Correa, Queen of Spades, and the rest of the All Authors family for all their help.


Moving on. 2017 continued to be good when it came to writing. I had a short story Second Chance at Nineteen featured in the Rock and Roll Saved My Soul anthology Everyday Miracles. Every proceed from the sale of the anthology goes to the Cherubs foundation.

My biggest moment came when I finally published Westmore: Second Chances, the seventh volume in the series. Anyone whose followed me, knows it took a long time to get this baby published.

Aside from my stories, I also excelled in my freelance writing career by scoring jobs at Blasting News, The Sportster, and The Talko.

Whether I was creating a new story or dishing out the gossip in the sports and entertainment world, I was busy in 2017.


Now that I finished reviewing 2017, let’s move on to my plans for 2018.

One of the things I want to work on this year is staying calm. I’m the type of person, who easily gets nervous and stressed. I constantly worry about situations that I can’t control. So this year, I want to take a new approach to curbing my nervousness. Maybe meditation and yoga will help.

Another goal of mine in 2018 is to finish what I started. I have a bad habit of starting projects, but never finishing them. I have stories stored on my hard drive that are just crying for me to finish them. I think I have about four stories total, so if I can finish just one of them this year, I’ll be happy.

As for my other writing projects, I’ve already finished volume 8 of Westmore and I’m in the midst of editing it. I hope to have it published around summertime, so wish my luck. Also, if I have time I may get started on volume 9 in the series.

I’ve got a lot planned in 2018 in terms of writing, so I hope I can stay on track and accomplish all my goals this year.

With that, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hopefully 2018 will bring you lots of happiness.





Battered Mind by Sylvia Stein

Greeting Everyone!

Today, I’m pleased to have my good friend, author Sylvia Stein with us today. Sylvia stopped by to share her upcoming book Battered Mind. She has graciously included a sneak peak at the cover and an excerpt, so hope you all enjoy.



Hello my name is Sylvia Stein and I am an Indie Author.   I have exciting news.  This week I am doing the cover reveal of my book which I hope will be released in late 2018.    I have been working with this book for awhile.  It is a story I have been doing extensive research one and because of the topic I am covering I want to be sure I do it justice.  It is a work of fiction and for today I will be revealing the book cover which was designed by the very talented and amazing Michael Dangremond  and his title of his art work the cost of love.   When I saw this portrait I immediately saw what I was looking for for my main character of Sadie Martin Carlyle.   The title of this my first thriller is Battered Mind and I hope you all enjoy the cover reveal.   I absolutely was blown away by it.  I hope you are too!  Thank you for your help in the cover reveal. I do appreciate it so much.

Thank you so much,

Sylvia Stein

Concept 2.jpg 


Sadie Martin Carlyle is on trial for the murder of her husband Dante Caryle. She claims she killed him in self defense and that he was a monster. She was a battered woman and if she had not defended herself he would of killed both their young daughter and her.  In short, She feared for their lives.
However, there is more to this case than meets the eye. Sadie Martin is not your typical woman. Her family consists of her Criminal lawyer father Jackson Martin from Atlanta and her mother Barbara Reece Martin is one of the main leaders of the Southern Belles of Atlanta.

From the very start, there are secrets that are hidden that no one will see coming. Sadie’s story will take the reader through a very emotional journey throughout. Once the case begins, everything you think you know about what happened between Sadie and Dante Carlyle will have you asking many questions and is everything being said the truth?


Battered Mind Excerpt:   Copyright by Sylvia Stein

As I lie here holding on to my sanity.   I have to say never in a million years would I have thought all would turn out the way it did.

You see for most of my life I had been searching and hoping that one day I would find the one

and be able to finally lead “the normal life.”

However, nothing could be farther from the truth.  My name is Sadie Martin Carlyle and on

May 27, 2010, I was charged with the murder of my husband Dante Carlyle.

The thing that makes this so horrific is that I do not even remember committing the crime.

All I know is that when I awoke the next morning, My husband Dante was dead and I was found next

to his body and the murder weapon.

As of now all I can do is await my trial which will not be for a few months.

Sadly because of the circumstance of the crime, I will have to sit in a jail cell until my trial.

You must be wondering why I seem to know so much about the law in particular.

One second, “Can you please let me finish talking.”

Sorry being locked away in this cell has made me a bit paranoid.

Well in any case as I was saying.  The reason I know so much was that my beloved husband was a lawyer and before I got married.  We both met in law school.

Oh, it was so simple back then.

If only I could go back to the beginning.   Things were easier.  At least I thought they were.   However maybe if I can just go back to the beginning I can try to salvage a bit of my dignity.

Besides, I was born and raised to be a good girl.   But right now I am really placing a damper on all the years my parents spent trying to make me something I never wanted to be.   You see I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia.

It’s too damn bad I was never able to lead a normal life.  Thanks to my dear parents!

My mother was born to parents of money and my father was no different.  However, he was known for being one of the best criminal defense attorneys in all of the state of Georgia.

He was deeply admired for his hardcore antics.  My father was never one to give up on his client and

he is both loved and hated throughout the community.

On the other hand, my dear mother Barbara Reece Martin has always been in the public eye.  As a child, her parents owned several wineries all over the state of Georgia and North Carolina and she was left with a trust fund and decided to invest in stock and has done pretty well.  She is now the Ceo of The Reece Winery and overlooks them along with my father and she is also one of the main members of the Women of Atlanta social club.

All in all, she is always busy and thinks that I am just spoiled.   My mother and I are not close.

She was always gone when I needed her.  The only person that seemed to care and worry about me was my father Jackson.

He always made time to see me and for that, I am very grateful.  My father has always said I was his

everything.   At the time I thought I was but then I discovered it was all lies.  I will get to that later.

As I was saying my mother was never around as a kid.  She was always out and busy with all her numerous work and charitable events.

“ I hated her, and I still do!”

As you can see I get a bit angry being cooped up in here.  I mean there are many criminals in here and I know they are women like me.  But I am not one of them.  I am different and I want to do is start over again.

Let me outta here. 

Photo on 2010-11-06 at 15.52 #2


Sylvia Stein is a published author with several anthologies with her Writer’s group 750 on LinkedIn.  Stein obtained a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University this past July 2015.   She is a mother of three beautiful children Paul 10, Michael 9 and Consuelo 6.  She resides in the city of Fuquay Varina with her amazing husband Jeremy.  Stein has also published two solo books one was her first novella Closure which she worked on while attending SNHU and published in July of 2014 and the other her first YA Chasing Clarity was published this past October 2015 and it was created during National Novel Month (Nano) in 2013. Her latest book is entitled, The Diary of a Broken Father which came out in February 2017. Her new thriller which she has been working on since 2014 will be out late 2018 and is entitled, Battered Mind.

Author Links






Chasing Clarity


It’s Complicated by Joyce M. Holmes

It’s Complicated
Contemporary Romance
by Joyce M. Holmes
Release date: December 4, 2017
He wants a real relationship, she’s afraid to love. It’s complicated, but is it impossible?
She’s a children’s counselor devoted to helping others; he’s a stubborn client reluctant to accept her assistance. He wants a warm and loving relationship; she prefers to keep things physical. Professional boundaries dictate neither of them can have what they want.
Having grown up with no one but herself to count on, Maggie Lapage carefully guards her feelings. Professionally, she goes above and beyond to give others the support she wishes she’d had as a child. When she develops a forbidden attraction to a client’s father, she does what she thinks is necessary, to save his family, and to protect her own heart.
Tom O’Shay finds his life caught in a nightmare when he risks losing custody of his daughter. It goes against his character to seek help, but he doesn’t have a choice. That doesn’t mean he has to like it. Everything changes when he falls hard for his daughter’s counselor, and he suddenly has two fights on his hands. One for his daughter, and another for the woman he loves.
It’s complicated, but is it impossible?

“That’s a big gallery, with lots of people
going through it. Just think of the exposure your work would get.”

Tom did take a moment to consider it. The
Langquest Art Gallery was highly reputable, and the show Tom had done with them
had been a sell-out. But to have Maggie go on his behalf to seek out
representation, that was too much.

makes you think I want or need to sell my pieces in his gallery?”

“Because, excuse me if I’m wrong, but I had
the impression you could use a little financial help at the moment.” The
sympathetic look in her eyes made him squirm. No bloody way did he want her
wasting any sympathy on him.

“The offer of support is nice, but seriously,
my professional life, at least, is doing fine. You don’t have to fix it for
me.” Which was the honest, if optimistic, truth. Business was passably good. It
could always be better, but it wasn’t on life support yet, and he sure didn’t
need Maggie out there drumming up customers for him.

She threw a hand up. “Look, maybe I’m
interfering and you didn’t ask for help, but,” she hurried on, gaining speed as
she went, “I spoke to this man with the best of intentions. You have lawyer
fees and counseling fees, and heaven only knows what else with this court case.
They can start to add up—”

“Okay, just stop. You’re making my head
hurt.” He folded his arms across his chest. He had no intention of discussing
the precariousness of his financial situation with Maggie. “This conversation
is over.”

Her eyes sparkled with the love of combat.
“Not if I keep talking, it isn’t.”

He glared at her, making it clear he didn’t
appreciate her interference. She met his accusing gaze without flinching.

“Know what your problem is?” she asked, after
an uncomfortably long stare-down.

“I only have one?”

She reached out and clutched at his hand,
those long slender, talon-tipped fingers curling themselves around his,
distracting him with their touch. Then she started yapping again, effectively
killing the moment.

“You put on a good show, and sometimes I
think you even believe it yourself, but you’re not invincible. You can use a
helping hand once in a while.”

He shook his hand free and swung away from
her, pacing off his frustration. “Contrary to what you believe, I’m not a
charity case requiring someone to rescue me. I’ve always maintained if you’re
looking for a helping hand, check the end of your own wrist first. I don’t need
your pity.”

She moved in front of him, forcing him to
stop, returning his impatient glare with an impressively irate one of her own.
“It’s not pity, damn it. And it’s not charity. It’s a practical solution to
your financial situation. Excuse me for caring.” Both arms flew into the air.
“Excuse me for trying to help you out. For going out of my way to come up with
some creative ideas to increase your income. This is a winning proposition for
you, one that can pay dividends for years to come. Why are you so stubbornly
against it?”

Her logic was infuriating, and it fueled his
temper that he didn’t have a reasonable comeback. “Please, just shut up

“Come on. We both know I can’t do that.”

He threw his head back and laughed, more out
of exasperation than amusement. “You really can’t, can you?”

“I was only trying to help.” Her tone
contained a pout, but her expression remained fierce.

“I don’t want your help. I didn’t ask for your help. Anyone ever tell you
how maddening you can be, Maggie Lapage?”

The force of his words didn’t make her
retreat. She stood her ground in front of him and poked a finger into his
chest. “And you’re the most pig-headed man I’ve ever met.”

He smiled. “Thank you.”

“That was not a compliment.”

“Sure it was.” Even though he was still
pissed off, it wasn’t hard to let the smile stretch into a smirk. She looked so
damn exasperated, and for some perverse reason he found it amusing.

“You’re infuriating!” she yelled and wheeled
away from him, flailing her arms in the air again. “Why can’t you see my
intentions were good?”

He let his smile twist cynically. “Have you
heard about the road to hell?”

“I…give…up.” She emphasized the words by drawing
them out slowly.

“Wish I could believe that.”
Tom O’Shay is a divorced father, who is trying to regain custody of his daughter. In order to do so, he seeks the help of counselor Maggie Lapage. As they work together to overcome Tom’s issues, sparks begin to fly. The two can’t resist their attraction, yet they know it’s best not to cross the professional boundaries.
This is a one of those romance stories filled with lots of drama. Of course there’s Tom story with his daughter, then there’s Maggie’s past of being afraid to love. These are two characters you root for to not only win the case, but also to fall in love and live happily ever after.


Joyce Holmes lives with her husband and very small dog in the beautiful Okanagan region of British Columbia. Photography and blogging about her travels are two of her passions, along with visiting her kids and grandkids. When she’s not dreaming up stories in her head or planning her next great adventure, she’s off enjoying the great outdoors.
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Secrets and Wishes by Kathleen Rouser

Welcome to my stop on the Secrets and Wishes by Kathleen Rouser Blog Tour! Today I will sharing a bit about the book, and where you can find it on Amazon. Be sure to follow the #SecretsandWishes hashtag on Twitter to keep up with the tour and find the reviews, guest posts, and more!

Buy the Book on Amazon

Stone Creek, Michigan, April, 1901 Maggie Galloway and Thomas Harper clash after their sons collide in a fistfight. Both widowed, they’re each doing their best as single-parents. Outgoing Maggie has dreams for a home of her own and a business to provide for her son as she searches for God’s path for her life as a widow. Reserved Thomas struggles to establish his new pharmacy and take care of his four rambunctious children, while wondering how a loving God could take his beloved wife.

When Thomas becomes deathly ill, Maggie is recruited to nurse him back to health. Taking the children in hand, as well, is more than she bargained for, but she is drawn to help the grieving family. Both nurse and patient find themselves drawn to each other but promptly deny their feelings.

A baking contest sponsored by the Silver Leaf Flour Company brings former beau, Giles Prescott, back into Maggie’s life. When Giles offers Maggie a position at their test kitchen in Chicago, he hints that, along with assuring her a good job, it will allow them to possibly rekindle their relationship.

But then a charlatan comes to town, and tragedy soon follows. Maggie and Thomas discover the miracle potions he hawks aren’t so harmless when an epidemic hits Stone Creek. Thomas and Maggie realize they must work together to save lives.

Maggie finds herself caught up in battles within and without—the battle to help the townsfolk in the midst of illness and chicanery, and the battle to know which man—Thomas or Giles—deserves to win her heart.

About Kathleen Rouser:

An author and speaker, Kathleen Rouser, has loved making up stories since she was a little girl and wanted to be a writer before she could even read. Kathleen’s first novella, The Pocket Watch, was part of the anthology, Brave New Century, and was published by Inspired Romance in 2013. She has a short story in the bestselling anthology, Christmas Treasures, released in 2014. Her first full-length novel will be published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in April, 2016.

She studied communications and English during her first college years. Kathleen has been published in Homeschool Digest, An Encouraging Word, the Oakland Press and Happy Sis. She interviews authors for the Novel PASTimes historical fiction blog. Her desire is to bring to life endearing characters, who resonate with readers and realize the need for a transforming Savior in their everyday lives.

During a long career as a home school instructor, she and her husband raised three sons. She graduated in 2012 with her Associate in Applied Science and is sometimes a mild-mannered Registered Dental Assistant by day. Kathleen is longstanding member of ACFW, former critique group moderator, past Genesis judge and former Great Lakes Chapter board member. Along with her sassy tail-less cat, she lives in southeast Michigan with her hero and husband of 33 years, Jack, who not only listens to her stories, but also cooks for her.

Visit Kathleen Around the Web: