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Thrift Books Reviews

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Hello Readers.

Today, I’m going to be discussing a book bargain site called Thrift Books.

Anybody who knows me knows I love a good deal, especially with books. I came across this site a couple of months ago while browsing the web.

What first drew my attention to Thrift Books is the free shipping on orders over $10. Sure this may not seem like a good deal, but if you’re anything like me you stock up on more than one book during shopping sprees.

Aside from free shipping, there are also other incentives from Thrift Books.  These include:

  • Thrift Deals with the options of 2 books for $7, 3 for $10, or $4 for $12. (In order to receive this offer, the Deal tag has to be included on the book’s description page).
  • 15% off first order for new customers.
  • Reading Rewards program with a $5 coupon once you purchase $50.
  • 15% off coupon with the Refer a Friend program.

The prices for the books vary. The lowest price I saw was $3.59, while the highest was about $14. The prices are due mostly to the conditions of the books. Used books will be cheap while new like ones will be higher.

During my shopping spree, I bought 4 books. Two of them cost $3.59, while the other two were $3.79 and $3.99. I made my purchase during the holiday sale, where they gave you 20% off your purchase. So my total went from $14.96 to $11.97.

I did get the books in fairly quickly, I’d estimate they arrived within a week of placing my order.

As you can see from the pictures below, these are the books I received. I did have an issue with some of the books. The Nearly Departed and Ghosthunting Maryland were in good condition as claimed in the seller’s description. As for Psychic Pets and Spirit Animals, that was listed in very good condition, yet I noticed some of the pages were yellow, plus there was a slight tear in the dust jacket. Haunted Pets was the one issue I had an issue with. It too was listed in good condition, yet there was some wear to the cover along with writing on the first page.

Even though, I had issues with the conditions that didn’t deter me from keeping and reading the books. But just a friendly reminder that whenever you buy used books, be sure to read the description carefully.

Overall, I was pleased with my order from Thrift Books. As someone who tends to buy mostly used books, I found this to be a good site. I love how they have free shipping on book orders because that’s the number one deal in my opinion. I also love how they have the Reading Rewards and Refer A Friend programs to help earn incentives for readers.

If you’re someone who love a good bargain and prefers used books, I recommend checking out Thrift Books because you never know what deals you will find.

Website: www.thriftbooks.com

Spotlight & Review: Second Chance by Suzi MacDonald



Second Chance
A Contemporary Romance Novel
By Suzi Macdonald
Release Date: October 17, 2016
Keywords: Contemporary Romance, Second Chances, Reunion, First Love, Decisions, Family

Teige Adams fell for the dazzling Alexandra “Zani” Fairmichael in high school, but Zani was far too sophisticated to fall for a tall, geeky misfit like Teige. Twenty years later, he is a successful photographer with a string of glamorous ex-girlfriends behind him, and Zani has become plain Allie Brown, the mother of demanding teenage twins.
When Teige discovers Allie has separated from her husband and is moving back to their hometown, he is determined to try for a second chance at the girl he never had. But Allie, on the rebound from a difficult marriage, isn’t certain what (or who) she wants. Plus, Teige’s slightly unhinged ex-fiancée and Allie’s soon-to-be-ex-husband have their own ideas about who Teige and Allie should be with. And then there is Katie, who is certain Teige is “The One” for her.
Will Teige finally win Allie’s heart – or is it too late for a second chance?
A nice romance story about a couple, who have a second chance at love. Zani and Teige are two attractive characters, you’re intrigued by from the start. They bring out the best of each other. Teige finds the woman he’s been searching for, as for Zani she starts to find the old, fun-loving woman she once was.
However, the couple faces their fair share of drama when both their exes causes trouble.
Second Chance is a great story with lots of romance, drama, and an occasional dash of humor.


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